• Alex

Epoxy River Table

I have wanted to make an epoxy river table for a while and finally got around to it. I spent almost an hour searching for the right live edge slabs of Sycamore from Yandles which is a local supplier. I decided to make the piece in an 'industrial chic' style. I wanted it to have a bit of sophistication by also not hide the fact that it is well made and make a feature of the raw materials it is made from. Therefore I decided to mirror the raw steel 'hairpin' legs with hand ground bowtie keys to mend the shakes (cracks) in the slab top. I created a low angle chamfer to the underside of the top so it does not appear as heavy and slab like, I also rounded it over to make it tactile. There are reinforcing ribs to the underside with slots for the fixings to go through to allow for expansion of the wood. It takes a while for the epoxy to harden and make it slow going but I just can't wait to try some more variations with this material.

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